Contract work / contract crushing

In some cases scrap will need to be treated before it can be sent to a smelting works or foundry for reuse. This core competence distinguishes us from many of our competitors who offer transhipment and handling services. You decide the degree of cutting, burning or pressing to enable raw materials to be reintroduced to the cycle.

We offer you access to a market that provides you with all possibilities of scrap recycling without having to make your own investments. Fixed-price agreements give you certainty in production costing and enable you to reach markets all over the world.

We work on a basis of partnership with our customers who make use of the following services for example:

  • External weighing
  • Provision of storage space
  • Cutting using heavy shears
  • Cutting of cathodes
  • Burning of heavy scrap / scrap piping
  • Crushing into bales
  • In-house laboratory mobile X-ray fluorescence analysis

With our technical foundation, our local circumstances and our expertise we return your material to the production cycle. For us, high quality, transparent handling and just-in-time delivery go without saying.

Always one step ahead of the competition

You have material that does not comply with the norm? Here too, we are pleased to be of service. With our global network, we are in a position to trade virtually any material and to bring seller and buyer together in an intermediary role. For us, no material is too complicated. Give us a call and together we’ll find a solution.