Another area of the Jost Group’s expertise is the recycling of non-ferrous metals. From aluminium to zinc, our portfolio includes the entire range of non-ferrous metals. Customers include the non-ferrous metal producing industry, smelters, remelters, foundries and processing companies. We assemble both customised material blends as well as homogenous batches of specific materials which are suitable for direct use. The goods can be supplied cut or packaged (40x40). We also offer the option of ordering material granulate either in big bags, drums, PE or paper bags. Ultra-modern analytical methods guarantee deliveries in accordance with your specifications.

Here is a short selection of the scrap we are able to offer on a regular basis:


  • 1000 series (pure aluminium, offset plates)
  • 2000 series (2024, 2011, 2007, 2618)
  • 3000 series
  • 5000 series (AlMg1-3, AlMg4,5Mn)
  • 6000 series (AlMgSi0,5 AlMgSi1)
  • 7000 series (7050, 7075)
  • Aluminium chips
  • Cast scrap
  • Al sheet, old


  • Granulate Ia
  • Granulate Ib
  • Granulate II
  • Millberry
  • Spark plug
  • Heavy copper