Powder Metallurgy

Since 2021, the Jost Group has once again expanded its business portfolio. The area of powder metallurgy is the next step towards providing a full service to our customers. The new business field comprises the international supply of ferroalloys and metals in powder form for a variety of applications in the welding industry. We guarantee the highest quality standards based on our internal incoming goods inspection using in-house sieve analyses. Our diverse storage capacities at our locations enable supply-relevant quantities to be built up to ensure just-in-time delivery.

Our product range includes ferrous alloys, metals and carbides in the following standard grain sizes, for example:

  • < 0.25 mm / < 60 mesh ASTM
  • < 0.30 mm / < 50 mesh ASTM
  • < 0.40 mm / < 40 mesh ASTM

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