Sustainability / environmental protection

Efficient recycling technologies and the development of new recycling paths are being accorded ever greater importance because they permit steel to be produced more cost favourably whilst going easy on natural resources and therefore on the environment.
Scrap as a secondary raw material not only offers a significant price advantage but also considerably reduces the energy requirements for smelting.

In collaboration with its customers and suppliers, the Jost Group continuously develops more efficient methods, permitting as many materials as possible to be recycled whilst maintaining quality. This approach is reflected in the designation as an “Ökoprofit“ business and has been systematically adopted in the area of environmental protection.

However, sustainability is not only to be seen in our everyday business, but also in the long-term planning of new locations. One example of this is our branch in Minden which was built in 2005 with a photovoltaic system fitted to the hall roof. The internal optimisation of logistics, the daylight- and demand-dependent lighting or the use of biological oils also underline the Jost Group take on environmental awareness.

We therefore make a contribution to environmental protection in many respects. Firstly, by the systematic recycling of secondary raw materials every single day and secondly by the large number of internal measures designed to avoid the unnecessary use of raw materials.